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Your Pathway to Massage Excellence


10 Tips For Growing Your Massage Business


There’s no doubt – any savvy business owner wants to make as much money as they can. Why else
would they be in business? If you’re looking for ways to increase the revenue of your massage
business, have a read of our 10 top tips to make more money as a massage therapist.

1. Find ways to encourage new clients to try your services

  • Offer new clients discounts and introductory offers. You may even want to consider giving new clients a short introductory session and/or consultation for free. Most people who take up this kind of offer will go on to book further appointments.
  • Update and refresh your skills. Being able to offer new services and techniques will keep existing clients interested in your services, as well as draw new clients to you.
  • Give existing clients a discount if they introduce a new client to you.

2. Work on retaining your existing clients

  • At the end of a treatment, always ask your clients whether they’d like to book another massage for the following month.
  • Make sure clients can book an appointment online. This will not only increase their window of opportunity for making bookings, but also allow bookings to be made while you’re busy conducting other massage treatments.
  • Don’t forget to offer existing clients discounts or ‘freebies’ as a way to thank them for their loyalty.
  • Collect your clients’ email addresses and send texts or email messages to remind them of appointments, or to send them details of any special offers you may be running.

3. Encourage former clients to return

If a client hasn’t made a booking in three months or more, send them an email or text message to say ‘we miss you’, and offer them a discount on their next massage.

4.  Have a selected range of products available for sale in your clinic

Consider selling a selected range of products that complement your massage therapy, such as aromatherapy oils, scented candles, and body lotions and scrubs that your clients can use to continue the relaxing effects of their treatment at home.

5. Maximise the functional capabilities of your website

  • In addition to ensuring that all your services and prices are clearly listed and you offer an online booking facility, you may want to consider making your website a source of reliable information on massage and alternative health and wellness. Make it the place where your clients come to find all the information they may need.
  • You may also want to consider setting up an online shop to sell the massage and wellness products stocked in your salon. This will enable your clients to buy your products without having to visit your shop. Be sure to factor in postage and packaging costs.

6. Learn from the experts!

  • The more qualified, informed and experienced you are, the more business you will draw in. When looking for a new therapist, clients will research and compare different massage therapists credentials. More often than not, they’ll choose the therapist who’s more knowledgeable and has more experience.
  • Long term clients will appreciate you continuously working on your abilities and expanding your knowledge, as this will enable you to more effectively understand and treat a range of conditions. A therapist who constantly engages with new information and develops their skills are the most likely to retain clients.

7. Consider ‘add-on’ services

  • One way to increase your revenue is to offer add-on services, such as hand and foot treatments, body scrubs or dry brushing, aromatherapy treatments, and any other complementary services. These services should take no longer than 15 or 20 minutes, and rather than being stand-alone services, should be an optional extra either before or after the massage.
  • Could you host massage parties or offer couples massage? If you work alone, you may want to consider connecting with another massage therapist in your local area to provide these kinds of services.

8. Reduce your costs and outgoings

  • If you don’t already buy your supplies wholesale, think about doing so – it could reduce your costs considerably. While it might require extra outlay in the initial stages, buying in bulk can save you serious money in the long run.
  • Consider teaming up with other massage therapists or beauty businesses when buying in bulk, if possible.
  • Use social media to promote your business for free. Give clients your social media addresses and make sure that you update your pages regularly.
  • Do you have room in your clinic for another massage therapist? This could increase both your number of overall clients and the sales of products.

9  Position yourself as an expert

  • Identify the problems that clients suffer from most, and then offer your services as a possible solution to that problem.
  • You may want to consider making yourself an expert in a particular niche, for example, sports massage. This could help you attract regular clients.

10. Build a network with other professionals and beauty businesses

Start building links with other professional and businesses. Being recommended by doctors, other health professionals and beauty businesses will go a long way to building your credibility and your client base.